Medecision’s new Aerial Experience helps care teams engage consumers, improve patient health and drive collaboration.

Medecision recently launched a new digital experience that allows executives to test-drive Aerial, the industry’s most powerful source for integrated healthcare management. The Aerial Experience is an interactive, “learn and try” digital platform that shows healthcare leaders how Aerial delivers information to consumers and their care ecosystem instantaneously. The rollout of the Aerial Experience is paired with the launch of a new website.

Why did we decide to launch this experience? It’s simple: It can be difficult to visualize what true integrated healthcare management looks like. How do you differentiate next-generation consumer activation, seamless interoperability and connected care from the world of point solutions? By letting people test it out before they buy it, of course.

What You Can Expect

The Aerial Experience is a 360-degree view into some of Aerial’s powerful capabilities. Here are some of the benefits of the intuitive, self-guided experience:

  • Gives a glimpse of health status. By providing a shareable, near-real time view of an individual’s comprehensive health status, Aerial provides care teams with the insight and visibility they need to drive collaboration, identify risks and improve patient health.
  • Shows how consumers can be engaged. Visitors start by selecting a persona—a Medicaid, Medicare Advantage or employer-sponsored consumer—with distinct and evolving healthcare needs. A bird’s-eye view of each individual’s health summary, featuring suggestions for next-best action, gives users a feel into how Aerial powers next-generation consumer engagement for optimal population health.
  • Demonstrates the advantages of interoperability. Built-in interoperability allows for automated data updates from a variety of disparate vendors and sources. The resulting intelligence is delivered in ways that cannot be accomplished in legacy EMR, financial or claims systems. Plus, the data is immediately actionable.

The Ariel Experience shows how Aerial can deliver the business value that risk-bearing organizations need, including clinical outcomes and quality measurement, streamlined deployment, pre-configured rules-based workflows and social-mobile applications.

Learn more and try out the new Aerial Experience at

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