Health Evolution CEO Julie Murchinson challenged Liberation attendees to gather with their personal tribes to drive change in the healthcare industry.

“Tribes are about leading and connecting people and ideas.”

At Liberation 2019, leaders and disruptors in the healthcare industry came together to discuss innovations needed in the industry and bold moves to drive those changes. As the closing speaker at the two-day Liberation conference, Julie Murchinson, CEO of Health Evolution challenged attendees to use the passion of groups to build forward momentum and transform the industry.

Murchinson focused her reflections on the theme of tribes, which she defined as groups of people linked and motivated by common interests. Tribes come in all forms and fashions—there are cultural tribes, athletic and sports tribes, religious and spiritual tribes, and of course, work and vocation tribes. A company can be considered a tribe, as can departments and teams within companies. Tribes form because people want to connect with others who share the things they value.

Tribes, and tribal leaders, often have the power to align and connect people to drive change. Using examples of famous political and social leaders who were the heads of significant cultural movements, Murchinson suggested that each of those leaders, or “heretics,” challenged the status quo and moved society forward. She encouraged the audience to cultivate their tribe’s passion for a better healthcare system to drive toward a vision of connectedness and improvement.

Challenging the status quo is about doing the right thing not just for the healthcare industry, but also for each other. Murchinson challenged Liberation attendees to ask themselves if they and their companies—their tribes—were doing the right things for their members, patients and consumers. And if the answer was no, she encouraged her audience to lead their tribe and connect with others who share their vision and passion for positive change.

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