Today’s consumers increasingly expect healthcare to meet them where they live, work and play, and that means big changes for care management.

Successful care management programs will be the ones that bring together a broader perspective of care management, take a proactive approach to improving ROI, and implement the following five key strategies to ensure they’re ready to meet consumer demand.

  1. Be proactive and strategic in engagement and interventions. Determine what care management activities and consumer engagement can take place outside of the doctor’s office and implement a care management program that takes maximum advantage of these opportunities. This strategy should include:
  1. Focus care management activities on areas with the potential for the greatest impact. You can optimize patient outcomes without trying to accomplish too many initiatives at once. Focus on:
    • Addressing gaps in care that will make a positive impact on patient outcomes and performance metrics
    • Making high-value decisions and encouraging others to do the same (e.g., guiding consumers to in-network providers and appropriate care sites)
    • Improving the consumer experience, engagement and loyalty
    • Ensuring care teams operate at top of license
  1. Set goals and timelines for your program. Clearly outline your objectives and set realistic timelines. Combine educational outreach with strategic, well-planned care management workflows. Goals might include:
    • Reducing emergency department visits
    • Reducing the cost of top users
    • Improving medication adherence
  1. Measure performance. Questions to ask when evaluating your program might include:
    • How effective were care managers at closing gaps?
    • Did care teams feel they had the resources and time necessary to execute the plan?
    • What went right or wrong, and what could have been done better?
  1. Pivot when necessary. Be flexible enough to pivot and improve as needed. Revisit your program regularly to ensure it is meeting:
    • Any new regulatory requirements
    • Growing consumer expectations
    • A changing healthcare landscape

For a more in-depth look at these strategies, download 5 Key Strategies for Successful Care Management.

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