Advancing Utilization Management Performance


Featured Speakers

Julie Barnes

Julie Banes, JD
Founder and Prinipal @Maverick Health Policy

Sarah Dencker

Sarah Dencker, MSN, RN
Vice President of Care Services @Network Health

In this on-demand webinar, leaders in utilization management and healthcare policy discuss proposed UM standard changes for 2021, and how organizations with successful UM programs tackle the challenges and priorities around utilization management.

  • Gain strategies for stopping network leakage and improving the collection and use of data to make better UM decisions
  • Get valuable perspectives on the proposed prior authorization rule and its impact
  • Learn best practices for meeting CMS requirements and timeliness standards
  • Discover ways to get the most value from your compliance, measurement and reporting efforts

This event features Julie Barnes, JD, Founder and Principal of Maverick Health Policy, and Sarah Dencker, MSN, RN, VP Care Services of Network Health.

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